Tack Farm Event Centre


We hold Regular Monthly Showing Shows From March - October

Most of our Classes are SWPA Qualifiers

September 27th - End of Season Showing Spectacular two Rings running Ring1.  In-Hand  Ring 2  Ridden

Showing Spectacular £10 or 4 Classes for £37.50 Sashes and Fab rosettes in all classes

In-Hand Ring 1     10am Start

1. Condition and Turnout

2. M & M in hand – Large and Small (split if sufficient entries)

3. Shetlands/miniatures

4. Coloured in-hand

5. Young stock 1,2 & 3 year olds

6. Veteran over 15 years

7. Best Mare

8. Best Gelding

9. Blemished, but cherished

10. Sports Horse

11.  Young Handler

Championship Class for all In-Hand Competitors Placed  1st or 2nd in any Class. Sash & Fantastic Rosette for the Winner Ridden.

Ring 2    10.15am Start

1. Best turned out

2. Lead Rein/First Ridden

3. M & M ridden – Large & small (split if sufficient entries)

4. Coloured ridden

5. Hunter over 15.1hh

6. Ridden pony under 15hh

7. Racehorse to Riding Horse

8. Sports Horse – need not be plaited for this class.

9. Veteran – over 15 years

10. Best Mare

11. Best Gelding

12. Cob

Championship Class for all Ridden Competitors placed 1st or 2nd in any Class Sash & Fantastic Rosette for the Winner

Ocotber 25th

Regular Schedule is as follows:-

In- Hand followed by Ridden Classes  (Any Mixed Classes will be split providing there are sufficient Entries)

Class 1    Best Turned Out

Class 2    M&M In hand

Class 3    Young Stock 1,2 & 3 year olds

Class 4    Shetland & Miniatures

Class 5    Best Young Handler

Class 6    Coloured in Hand

Class 7a    Cob/Cob Type in Hand or Ridden

Class 7b    Hunters or Hunter Type In Hand or Ridden   (not before12pm)

Class 8    M&M Ridden

Class 9    Coloured Ridden

Class 10    Lead Rein/First Ridden

Class 11    Race Horse/Ex Race Horse (Open Class)

Class 12    Best Riding Club/Pony Club Horse/Pony

Championship Class - All competitors placed 1st or 2nd in any class are Eli gable for this class